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Double Dutch with a Greek White

February 27, 2009

Warning: Wine in large doses may induce double dutch jump rope with an invisible line.  




Last July, we threw a wine party for my husband’s 28th birthday celebration. Each guest was encouraged to bring a bottle of wine for sampling, er, gulping and we provided light hors d’ouvres and glasses for both red and white tasting. The after math – twelve empty bottles of wine and the double dutch.

My wine selection was the Boutari Moschofilero which is a white table wine that has a similar taste to a sauvignon blanc. Moschofilero is a grape grown in the Mantinia region of Greece. It is really light and refreshing, perfect for the summertime! Even though the origin of Greek wine goes back nearly 6,500+ years ago, it is hard to come by in the U.S. I have only had luck finding it at Total Wine & More on Park Road in a teeny, tiny section in the back. After some perusing on my trusty Internet, low and behold, M5 features it on its wine list. According to this Business Week article, the Greek wine industry in the U.S. is expected to grow. Let’s hope! The Boutari Moschofilero is pretty cost savvy at only $11.99 a bottle.

I indulged on Greek wine quite a bit during our honeymoon. We visited the Boutari vineyard in Santorini. If you have ever seen the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,  Rory from the Gilmore Girls attempts to ungracefully side saddle a donkey traveling the cliffs of a Greek village. That’s Santorini. The restaurants, bars and hotels are literally drizzling down the cliffs. It’s quite amazing. In lieu of riding donkeys like Rory, we chose the Smart Car as our mode of transportation around the Santorini vineyards. The Smart Car just made a better man-mobile. While he enjoyed the half a car, I enjoyed the half carafe.


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