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6 Tapas + 6 Wines = $12 at ARPA

March 20, 2009

Kiwanis Uptown was hosting its meeting this past Wednesday at ARPA for their 6 tapas plus 6 wines for $12 special. The win-o and I absolutely love ARPA. I like it partially due to the fact that I don’t feel like an overstuffed blowfish when I leave the restaurant. The win-o likes it because if he didn’t, he would be cranky. He gets cranky when he is hungry.

On with the wine!

1. Alvarez Y Diez Sauvignon Blanc 2007 from Rueda Spain – Delicious with a strong citrus flavor with lemon and lime. The win-o gave it a four corks up! It was paired with shaved breseola with pickled mushrooms and radish. Breseola is like a proscuitto, I think. If it looks like proscuitto, walks like proscuitto, it’s proscuitto. Although, I really disagree with pickling the mushrooms. It’s like wearing black with navy; it’s just something you shouldn’t do.

2. Castillo de Baron Monastrel 2007 from Yecla, Spain – This tasted like olives and I couldn’t get over it. The red was very different than any other wine I’ve had. It was served with a catalan-style smoked tomato bread with manchego, a fancy term for Bagel Bites. It tasted better with the Bagel Bites, but it’s not something I’d order again.

3. Francois Lurton Pinot Noir “Les Salices” 2007 from Vin de Pays, France – The Lurton family is the largest land owner in France so they own quite a number of vineyards. I was impressed by this but disappointed by the pinot. I usually like pinot noirs but this one tasted like the soil it started from.

4. Ferraton Cotes du Rouge 2006 from the Rhone Valley in France – We liked this puppy! It’s the way a red wine should taste. Paired with chorizo and san simon crostini, it was robust and spicy. We gave it four corks up!

5. Quinta do Crasto Douro Red 2006 from the Douro Valley in Portugal – I can’t recall having a Portugese wine before so I was pleasantly surprised. This red was made from the same grape used in port wine. It is very rare and wonderful. The win-o jumped up on the bar stool like Tom Cruise on Oprah after he tasted this bad boy. We gave it an astounding FIVE corks! And, to add to the cheese on that macaroni, they served it with a tagine of lamb with dried fruit, olives and red wine. Bah ram youuu, I was like Augustus Gloop inhaling the chocolate river at the factory.

6. Bosio Moscato d’Asti 2007 from Piedmont, Italy – Served with a custard, this white is definitely a dessert wine. Sweeter than prosecco because of something done in the fermentation process, it was too sweet for my liking. I will admit, I’m not typically a fan of dessert wines but the win-o is. He loved it and downed my shot lickety split. (Please note: I always finish my wine.*) The Moscato only has 5% alcohol so you can drink it like a beer, out of the bottle.

*You know how real wine people typically spit the wine out after tasting? What a waste. Well, anyway, I asked the Distributor Dude if he is a spitter and he said he had to when he visited a wine convention in France and tasted over 1,000 wines. Think of that glory! 1,000 wines! It’s like a Chuckie Cheese for old people, so much stimulation and goodness. If it were attached to a shoe store, I think I would die a happy woman with my wine glass in hand and Jimmy Choos on feet sticking out of the soil.


me after the gluttony of ARPA ... so worth it

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