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Half Off Wine Bottles at Pie Town on Saturdays

March 23, 2009

The win-o and I took advantage of the half off wine bottles at Pie Town this past Saturday. They were also offering $5 Patron on special, too, so I decided it was time to try a SkinnyGirl Margarita. If you love bad (by bad, I mean good) TV as much as I do, the SkinnyGirl Margarita is Bethanny’s signature drink on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New York City.” It’s delectable. I had to add club soda because I’m a tequila lightweight and I also requested a few more limes. In summary, a shot of Patron Silver+some Triple Sec+4 to 5 limes+club soda if you’re a tequila novice = a delectable take on a non-sour margarita without all the cals.  If I can drink these savory sensations and have Bethanny’s bod, waiter, bring me five.  

For the wine, we selected the 2007 Amancaya Cabernet/Malbec from the Mendoza region in Argentina. With a bold yet dry flavor, I enjoyed my red stemless wonder.  Malbec is commonly blended with cabernet and merlots because it can be rather intense on its own. You can oftentimes find cabernet-malbec blends from the Bourdeaux region in France.

Argentina is known for its malbec varietal and the Mendoza region is home to more than 1,000 wineries. says “What sets Mendoza apart from their counterparts in Napa, Bordeaux, and Tuscany is that most Argentine vineyards share recipes and techniques with tourists. On many tours, visitors are encouraged to get up close and personal with barrels, equipment, and grapes.”

Mendoza is about a 2-hour plan ride from Buenos Aires plus $1,000 in airline fees and salvaging a few body parts from Charlotte. In other words, I might have to put this destination on the bucket list for future use. Goodbye kidney, hello Argentinian Wine Country!

Robert Parker gave this wine 90 points. Robert Parker is like the Tiger Woods of wine. He sips and sniffs almost 10,000 wines a year and really “nose” his stuff. Hah, get it!?

With a retail price of $15.00, the win-o gave the Amancaya four corks. We paired it with a Chicken, Spinach, Smoked Mozzarella, & Green Olive Pesto Speidini, a fancy term for rolled up chicken with stuff in it. It was like a Hot Pocket made out of chicken, cheesy opulance. For our entree, we split the clam pizza on their signature whole wheat crust, a guilty-free pizza with wholesome natural ingredients.  

In summary, SkinnyGirl Margarita+Red Wine to help the heart+Healthy version of the classic Hot Pocket+Wheat Crust on the pizza = Evening O’ Fun without all the remorse.

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