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It’s a pool of wine and no lifeguard

April 14, 2009

I’m sorry to say that it’s been a while since I updated this here blog o’ mine. But, I do have a good excuse. You see I just celebrated 26 years of being on this wonderful Earth and that called for a week long festival. I guess it’s safe to say that I’ve been swimming in wine lately and David Hasselhoff wasn’t around to save me.

Tuesday, March 31 – I kicked off the birthday week with my Uptown Ladies’ Dinner Club (ULDC, for short) at NoFo. Tuesday is half priced wine night. We enjoyed a delicious pinot noir and cabernet with fried green tomatoes (yum!) and I had the salmon with a mango salsa (also yum!). The waiter, who admitted to us that asparagus makes your number 1 smell,  treated me to a delicious caramel cake, often misconstrued as butterscotch. It didn’t make my number 1 smell.

Wednesday, April 1 – I had a Kiwanis Uptown meeting at CANS. Yes, I drank the wine. Warning: Wine at CANS is served out of a plastic mini-bottle. Then, we proceeded on to Crave, the new dessert bar where I enjoyed a glass of delicious Argentine chardonnay and bites of the win-o’s cheesecake. It put the CANS mini-bottle to shame. The cheesecake melts in your mouth, not in your hand. It was the lightest, fluffiest cake of cheese I have ever had.

Thursday, April 2 – Time for a much needed break. You don’t think I would go a week without 90210 and The Real Housewives of NYC?

Friday, April 3 – The win-o and I joined Uncle Rhett at Nolan Kitchen’s patio for a refreshing sauvignon blanc and some appetizers including a fried risotto, i.e. fried heavenly balls of rice in my mouth. We then continued to Crave (yes, again) and had their tiramasu and red velvet cake. Their dessert is something you’d bring home to meet the parents and consummate the marriage shortly afterwards.

Saturday, April 4 – It was party day! The win-o, our precious pup Dorothy and I awoke to participate in the DogsWalk Against Cancer. She certainly walked me. Then, it was full on planning for the Birthday BBQ Bash. In other words, I was sent to Total Wine to pick up the “goods.” Much to my chagrin, they were having a wine tasting in every aisle. Of course tasting all of the wines upon purchase was required. Value add: I purchased a few bottles of Argentine white for only $5.99.

Sunday, April 5 – On my actual birthday, the win-o and I enjoyed leftover party wine as well as gazing at the nine bottles of delight my generous friends so graciously gave me. Thank you for being a friend(s).  I will review and report back, as promised. Famished, we ordered pasta over crabmeat buttery cheesiness take-out, otherwise known as Crabmeat Parmesan, from the Open Kitchen.

Whew, another birthday week bites the dust.

Help me, Mitch Buchanan! I'm drowning in wine and can't get out!

Help me, Mitch Buchanan! I'm drowning in wine and can't get out!

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  1. Becks permalink
    April 14, 2009 8:46 pm

    I LOVE Nolan Kitchen. Delish! What a fabulous birthday week!

  2. theartfulabode permalink
    April 16, 2009 12:32 pm

    ahh you’re back! sounds like you had an awesome birthday week! and I’ll have to try Crave…sounds yummy!


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