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Tribute to thy ARPA, my forever love

May 6, 2009

ARPA is by far one of the win-o’s and my favorite Charlotte hotspots. It’s never too noisy or crowded. It has a delicious sangria (or so the win-o says), and you never feel like Augustus Gloop, except for that one night, after eating there. The menu is eclectic. You could order wines by the flight which was fun for tasters like me.

WHYY??? WHYYYY?? WHYY DO YOU HAVE TO LEAVE US??? It’s worse than Zach breaking up with Kelly on SBTB, or Brenda and Dylan on 90210 or worst Heidi marrying Spencer on The Hills. Good god, could she be any dumber?

I have been picketing outside every day since the news that it’s closing its doors and making room for a Harper’s. I have not showered, slept or been sober since (Slight exaggeration, I’ve showered, c’mon people).

But, I have been there twice in a span of 36 hours. My wriend (short for wine friend) B from NYC was in town so we hit the ol’ stomping ground for a bottle of Brut Cava. Our frine (short for friend of wine) J met up with us as well. We sat on their lovely porch and watched passersby as we snacked on pitas with a variety of their delicious spreads. Oh the agony that ARPA is leaving us!

My second stop at ARPA was on Saturday night with my win-o. I had a glass of rose sparkling wine, recommended by the bartender who was mourning the loss as much as we were. The win-o had sangria.

Confession: I have a rose wine prejudice. You see, when my parents throw parties, they provide all of the attendees with their drink of choice. “A good entertainer knows what their guests drink,” words of wisdom by Pam and Russ.

Whether it’s gin or white zin, they supply it. Well, they only have one friend that drinks white zin. She would have her whopping one glass so the leftovers were always staring at us in the fridge (by us, I mean my brother, sister and me). Of course, we pillaged. We weren’t picky. I learned quickly that I’m just not a member of the white zinfandel fan club and it being rose-colored led to my prejudice. The horrors!

So much to my ailing prejudice and dismay for rose wine, I loved the sparkling rose at ARPA. It was not sweet. It was just the right amount of dry. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to my favorite place for frines and wriends. Farewell, ARPA.

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  1. theartfulabode permalink
    May 7, 2009 1:44 pm

    Noooo this is bad news! When does ARPA close its doors? Maybe we should have one final girls night to properly say our goodbyes?


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