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Beach Wine

June 8, 2009

The win-o and I were on vacation for the past few days so my apologies for not bringing you breaking news of all things wine. We vacayed with his family at the beach. The in-laws love their wine. We had mostly chardonnays, because they are white drinkers in the Summer and red in the Fall. Known as “cheap Costco beach wine” to the in-laws, the 2007 Sterling Vintner’s Collection Chardonnay from the Central Coast was my pick of the litter. With a retail price of $14 a bottle, it’s no wonder why it won Wine Spectator’s “Stretch Your Wine-Buying Dollar” award.

It is a fruity chardonnay with hints of melon and peach. On the Will and Grace scale of fruitiness, I’d say it was more Jack than Will. This Fruity O’Fruiterson in a glass pairs nicely with grilled chicken/fish over a light pasta with olive oil and fresh basil. Costco is also known as the largest retailer of fine wines in the world so you really can’t go wrong at your local Costco.

Insight from the in-laws: make sure your chardonnays come from California and your reds come from France or Italy. Malbec is known as the poor man’s cabernet. Sauvignon blanc, evidently, tastes like grass. Try a more high-end pinot grigio. I have never been a member of the pinot grigio fan club, but it’s on my list.

This advice might not be for everyone. The in-laws have more wine drinking years than I do so I will take it. But remember, wine is subjective. It’s all about the individual, their palate and the memory made while drinking the beverage.

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