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Tackling Restaurant Week

July 20, 2009

Last week, the hubs and I tackled Charlotte Restaurant Week with a trip to Mez.As we escalated up the black platform, the Space Mountain effect made us feel like we weren’t in Kansas anymore. It was ultra-chic. For you out-of-towners, Mez is the new yuppie movie theater/bar/restaurant located in the Epicentre, Charlotte’s center city. It’s über-trendy. In fact, I felt like Valerie Malone in church with my preppy white pants and conservative top. Note to self: Bleach hair, buy mini-skirt and five inch platforms for occasions like these. Think Speidi.

Despite the trend factor, the meal was incredible. We started it off with cocktails. I ordered the “Evelyn,” my spin on a vodka soda which includes peach vodka and club soda with a splash of cranberry. Naming a drink after yourself makes you a big deal. The hubster ordered his usual gin and tonic.

As we sipped on our beverages, we drooled like bulldogs over the appetizer selections. To order the fried goat cheese or not to order the fried goat cheese, that was the question. I spiced it up and ordered the Duck Leg Confit aka Daffy falling off the bone in a ginger rice vinegar of heaven. Daffy had me at hello. As my stomach made love to the duck confit, I could have stopped there. The portions are large. But, there were two courses awaiting for some more love-making.

Next up was the Mahi Mahi in a white wine butter sauce with lemon and capers. Nemo was delicious, however the lemon was a bit overwhelming and the butter sauce made it heavier than I would have liked. It was the opportune doggy bag dish. For dessert, I felt rebellious and flavored the Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake, moist and chocolate. However, like most things in life, I would have preferred the cake to be richer.

All-in-all, I highly recommend venturing to Mez. The trendy ambiance is what we like to call good people-watching. The food is incredible. Two words: Order Daffy. And, a movie theater with a bar, who could resist?

By the way, this fabulous blog is also posted on Check it out!

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  1. theartfulabode permalink
    July 29, 2009 3:55 pm

    we only hit up melting pot for restaurant week, but it was goooooood. Mez sounds tasty!

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