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Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of brew

August 13, 2009

Ever feel like a pirate? You wave your hook, yell “Aarrgghhh” and swear at everything that breathes while pillaging for money and booze?

Ahoy, matey! Never fear, unhook your inner pirate and try the Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale. It’ll have you humming Enrique Iglesias while licking his mole on the late-90s album cover in a field of flowers. Ahhh … serenity with a crisp, hoppy flavor and a divine after taste. Feel the rhythm.

Suddenly, the angry pirate peeks around the corner, so you set sail in your Toyota Prius to ransack the Atlanta gold, parrot in tow. As you hop on the MARrgghTA, you move rapidly through Atlanta. Around in circles you go. After going nowhere, you hop off and hail a landlubber to Midtown. X marks the spot.

As you peg leg it through the brewery, down the hatch the brews go. You’re humming Bailamos with Mr. Iglesias himself (mole removed) as you sample the Sweetwater Hummer. You’re the Willy Wonka blueberry girl with the Sweetwater Blue, a wheat sensation. Umpa lumpa, doo pa dee doo. The Sweetwater IPA is unfiltered, not stirred. Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Sweet Georgia Brown. Alas, land ho with the Sweetwater 420.

It’s the best booty you’ve ever had.

*Special thanks to my sister’s bridesman for recommending Sweetwater. If you have other recommendations in regards to anything edible or drink-worthy, comment or we will make you walk the plank.
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