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Kitchen Thingamajigs

August 26, 2010

I have some exciting news for all of you culinisters/culinistas out there. Williams-Sonoma just launched a spice collection chock full of curries, sea salts, chili powders and more. Check it out here:

I see opportune stocking stuffers in my near future. (Hint, hint).

I am thinking about adding one to the I’ve-been-married-for-three-years-and-four-months gift registry. Is that allowed?

Ok, I didn’t think so.

Let’s pretend that it’s socially acceptable. If that’s the case, the next item on my list is this cow cutting board.

It will match perfectly with my pig cutting board, which was so skillfully hand-crafted by my dad. 

Dad, while you’re chopping down the tree for my new cow cutting board, why don’t you just make the whole farm? Chickens, fish, bunnies, cows, pigs, sheep and maybe a camel. Thanks.

Then, of course, the last thing on my list that I’ve yearned for, I’ve drooled over, I’ve dreamt about and that I want to hold hands with in a prairie singing Monica’s “Angel of Mine” is the infamous, the notorious, the one-of-a-kind KitchenAid mixer.

… But you’d have to give me a kitchen cabinet to accompany the mixer as I have no place to store it. Dad, maybe you could build a little house for it? Like a dog house accept better!   

I digress. What are you craving for your kitchen? Any gadgets worth gabbing over? Chat away while I work on uploading some new recipes for you including a Tomato Au Gratin over Lumpy Polenta (an Oops! of the week) and a Roasted Pepper Sauce over Spinach Linguini.

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