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At Least I Can Don Pearls

October 4, 2010

It’s been a month since the #1 running partner and I started this running regimen which has been quite the experience for me thus far, a positive one at best. You’re talking to the girl who was always last in the Presidential Fitness Test mile. The girl that stood there staring at the ground nervously twiddling her thumbs when it was time for the team captains to pick their respective kickball teams. Even the chubby girl that stuffed Twinkies in her training bra and Debbie cakes in her trapper keeper got picked before me. Probably because she had boobs. While I did (still do) not. Curses. Well, despite being lapped by an 80-year-old man sporting a pink prom dress this past weekend, running is going surprisingly well. Here’s a quick update for those of you who are curious:

  • Total number of runs: 16
  • Miles traveled: 38, thanks to the help of the Run Keeper app!  
  • Miles averaged: 2.375 per run, hey we non-worker-out-ers have to start somewhere.
  • Calories burned: 4,218
  • Calories consumed: millions
  • Pounds gained: 0
  • Pounds lost: 0 … sadly
  • Number of times the dog almost licked a snake: 2
  • Number of times dog dodged being bitten by said snake: 2
  • Tears shed over snake: multiple
  • Times we ran in the rain: 1
  • Number of dog poo bags used: We speculate 20.  
  • Buckets of profuse sweat: 50
  • Cocktails inhaled after runs: eons
  • Number of circles the #1 running partner ran around me: average of 5 per run   
  • Official races completed: 1

We participated in the Race for the Cure 5K this past weekend. Out of 20,000 people, I didn’t come in last. Whew. Dodged the trauma from years’ past when my swim team ribbons were purple, yellow, green or disqualified in lieu of the beautiful blues and riveting reds most of my teammates took home. Poor Heavy Evie.  Excuse me while I go take a little ride on my wahhhh-mbulance. Wahh … wahhh … wahhh.

It’s a good thing my face is covered up by my hat otherwise this picture would have to be censored. Sports that involve sweating off my make-up are difficult for me. At least I can don pearl studs.

As we transition into the season of Turkey Trots, pumpkins, more turkey, and sweet potatoes, I wanted to share with you one last treat in the form of tomatoes and cheese. Tomato Caprese is perhaps the easiest, yet simply elegant, side dish to accompany a picnic or football tailgate. I pimped mine out with a little basil pesto.

It’s fairly simple. Slice tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese. Dribble balsamic-vinaigrette salad dressing over the cheese and tomatoes (I used store bought dressing or you can make your own). Then, dollop a little basil pesto on top. Slap a blue ribbon on this dish and call it a day.  

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