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Bon Voyage

March 11, 2011

I will be out of the office without access to Word Press the week of March 12-March 19. If your matter is urgent, stop, drop and roll. Then, call 911. Otherwise, I will respond to your message upon my return from sailing in the islands with my family being trapped on a 40-foot sailboat with a bunch of crazy people. If my brother is missing, that means we had to eat him for survival. If my sister is limbless, that means her arms made some great BBQ while fighting for said survival. If I don’t return, that means no one survived because I was last on the food chain. It’s the perk of being the meal planner.  

I like to expect the worst, hope for the best. A good party planner is always prepared for the unexpected. When you’re out in the middle of the ocean with nothing but yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, you must always pack fresh mint leaves.

And if all goes awry, when in doubt, my mom always said, “You know what the cure all to a bad sunburn is?! MARGARITAS.”

Cheers and bon voyage, my friends!

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