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Kitchen Envy

June 20, 2011

After months of our town home being on the awesome-ly downward spiraling real estate market and months of us cleaning every nook and cranny, we found … renters. I know. Not the slice of exhilaration we were looking for either, but we are cautiously optimistic. The renters are law students which leads me to believe they are somewhat responsible. If they were aspiring politicians, I would think otherwise.  Especially if their last name was also the name of a hotdog.

So because school is in session in a little over one month … we have been on the house hunt. Nothing as of yet. Come August 1, we’re expecting to be (a) homeless (b) living with my dad or (c) happily in debt up to our eyeballs. Expect the worst, hope for the best my friends.

When browsing houses, do you immediately move your furniture in and start redecorating in your mind? Because I do. I have also renovated every kitchen we have seen to convert it into my dream kitchen. Here are some items that I want in my dream kitchen. One of these days. That is why we call ’em ‘dream’ kitchens folks.

Breakfast Nook

I love the idea of eating in a restaurant booth every time you sit down for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Granted, I will need to hire a waiter and busboy but self-service works for now as long as my buns are perched between pillows in my little banquet. Plus, you can use the bench for extra storage!

banquette dining table


banquette dining table by windows


Spice Drawer 

Whether it’s a drawer or a small cupboard, I need a better alternative to storing our spices. Right now, they take up more space than an elephant in coach.


Mixer Space

I love my KitchenAid mixer so much that we’ve been having an affair for the past few months but talk about an elephant. What about a nice little cupboard where you can  pop it out and hide it quickly after use. Genius.


Cookbook Storage

I feel like when cookbooks are in storage, you forget what recipes you want to piddle with. Having them on display makes them accessible and useful when it’s time to get messy in the kitchen.


Wine Fridge

For those of you who don’t know me … Hi, My name is Evelyn. I like chardonnay.

What’s in your dream kitch?


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