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Pinterest: the latest in social media technology

June 23, 2011

The ‘Puter Hub and I are ‘puter nerds. I try to stay up on the latest social technology because (1) my pay check comes from the field of communications and (2) because I am a nerd. And, I am OK with that.

I almost peed when I got my first MacBook this past Christmas. Ok, so I did pee. Only a little bit. Too much information?

My apologies. It was very exciting for me though. I love my Mac more than a meatball loves spaghetti.

Anyway, since my fantabulous sister (she is single for all you men out there) is a few years younger than me, she is in the social media know more than I am. She told me about Pinterest which I am totally digging. Basically, you can “pin” things you like on the Internet creating your very own online bulletin board of style. It’s also a great way for tagging recipes that you want to dabble with. Case in point, I pinned this BLUE velvet cake that looks like the perfect topper to a July 4 feast. Did I mention it is BLUE? You can also pin things you like on this here blog. Or you can coat your ‘puter in lighter fluid and fire up your sparklers off it because you loath the things on this here blog. It’s all up to you.

Check. it. out.

Guten tag!

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  1. June 24, 2011 3:49 am

    Thank you for the mention! I really love Pinterest too, it is so nice to have a bookmarking site that is visually based 🙂

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