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Life in Review Since June 23 Blog Post

August 12, 2011

Hi my faithful friends! I haven’t written in what feels like years. I haven’t really cooked in said years either. Namely, because our ‘new’ kitchen looks like this:

I suppose I should provide a brief update of life since June 23rd blog post.

Well, we found renters for our town home. Bought a 1960s fixer upper in a ‘hood with lemonade stands by the truck load. Moved my shoes in.

Lost five pounds in sweat during said move. Attempted travel to NYC on business. Travel delayed due to some drunk pilot. Drunk pilot axed my Happy Hour plans with my fave NYC friend. Cried a little bit. Arrived in NYC next day. Convinced some co-workers that I knew what I was doing. Overlooked ground zero construction site from hotel. Said a little prayer at this sacred site.

High tailed it to the beach for some much needed R&R. Realized in a year or so, we won’t be able to see dolphins from the family beach home while drinking coffee in the morning. Yes, I eat from a silver spoon. Also realized how corrupt it is to have lobbyists building beach houses of this behemoth. Cursed a little bit at the lobbyist and air pounded my fist at him. Enjoyed the family beach compound with family nonetheless.

Arrived back home to find a port-a-potty in our yard. Not only in our yard but in our FRONT yard. My bad, he goes by the name Porta-Jon not potty. I suppose Jon is more refined.

Texted the photo to my family with caption “Sh*tter’s full”. Because Cousin Eddie never gets old. Laughed at husband from the air-conditioned inside of our fixer upper while he attempted mowing the lawn for  the first time in his life. In 180-degree weather. With 5,000% humidity outside. Brought him a beer for effort.

Settled into the left side of our house while the right side is being obliterated.

Sigh. Whew.

Now I’m just figuring out ways to serve dinner from our ad hoc kitchenette in the basement. Like the other day, because we don’t have a microwave, I heated up our leftover Chinese food by placing it in tin foil and popping it in the toaster oven. Yes, I do believe there is an “I” in GENIUS!

Got any genIus ideas like that for me? I am all ears. (That ‘I’m all ears’ saying kinda freaks me out. It also makes me want to Photoshop Spock ears onto an otherwise nice family photo.) Don’t hate the weirdness; Embrace it.

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  1. Puter Hub permalink
    August 12, 2011 5:39 pm

    I see this as our Christmas card photo… its perfect!
    Not only did we move into the 1960s fixer while tearing 2/3rds of it apart, we also both work from home fulltime… with the dog.

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