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Bacon, Pea, Tomato Risotto

August 19, 2011

Since our kitchen is in shambles and I’m cooking from a 1960s stove that threatens to blow up every time I turn it on, I found some old material in my arsenal. It’s material by way of risotto (can’t go wrong there) and bacon (can’t go wrong there) and peas (because we had to add some sort of green vegetable in there to counteract the artery clogging by way of bacon). The only problem is, naturally, I didn’t write the recipe down. I suppose we’ll have to improv.

I know. You’re totally peeved at me right now. One of these days I will make it up to you. For now, let’s talk bacon.

I don’t know why all them skinny girls are hatin’ on bacon! Yes, eat a heap load every day and your buns of steel will morph into Hefty garbage bags of creamed corn.  But, add a small portion and WHAM, flavor firecracker. HELLO!

(Yawn) I am somewhat bored of this post. Are you? I’m really just trying to kill some time before the ‘Puter Hub gets here with my Frappucinno. He is sure is swell.

Ok, so here is the lowdown in photos.

I cut up the bacon before I cooked it. I find it easier to go this route rather than crumbling after cooking.

In a large Dutch oven, I cooked the bacon. Then, I removed it with a slotted spoon and kept the fat in the Dutch oven. Mmmmm … nothing is more divine than the residual liquid from the underbelly of a swine carcass.

I added chopped onions to the residual liquid from the underbelly of a swine carcass. I added the risotto. I added some wine and stock. I drank some wine while the risotto simmered.

Then, I sliced tomato wedges and scraped out the innards. I just wasn’t feelin’ the innards. At this point, I probably added some more stock to the risotto.

Then, I let my dog sniff them. Totally normal.

Then, I added peas to the risotto and let it simmer some more. If you want to understand the whole adding liquid to risotto, stirring and simmering scenario, check out this recipe.

When the risotto was almost finished, I added the tomatoes and bacon.

Then, I snapped a photo before swallowing it whole. The peas kinda resemble polka dots. LOVE.

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