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Raisins and Halloween

October 27, 2011

What is your “go-to” side salad? Mine is typically the “house” – mixed greens, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, cheese and ranch dressing. My dad always ordered a Caesar side salad. I know, we are duller than a donkey sleeping at church.

My dad and I were never partial over the merger of fruits and vegetables. Combining sweets and salts was like painting an original 1800s mahogany dresser white in a woodworker’s eyes. The two go together like a box of raisins and Halloween.

Sidebar – For those of you who give out raisins on Halloween (and you know who you are), stop it. NOW. I beg you to cease with the raisins. It is terribly disappointing. It’s worse than an elephant farting in an elevator.

It’s on par with the people who give pennies. We won’t even go there.

So to put a little Pippy in my Longstocking, I decided to take the plunge by tossing a salad with apples, arugula, nuts and gorgonzola cheese. I dumped more cheese on that salad than grease at the county fair. Surprisingly. Well, not really “surprisingly” considering the load of cheese on that bad boy … Regardless, we both enjoyed it. He cleaned his plate faster than a redneck eating egg rolls at an all-you-can-eat China buffet. Then again, he always cleaned his plate pretty fast. It was rather impressive.

Cleaning your plate that fast isn’t a good thing. My family knows that. You eat more.

It is a tough habit to break.

Dressing up in funny costumes is also a tough habit to break.

This story had a point. I’m trying to figure out where I put it.

I decided it was time to make a compromise with the merger of fruits and vegetables again. Not too long ago, I coupled baby spinach leaves with sliced strawberries, earthy mushrooms, candied pecans, slivers of small white onions, pungent goat cheese drizzled with champagne vinaigrette.

It was rather exciting. If you are the type of person who dresses up in funny costumes and finds salads exciting.

Happy Halloween, y’all!



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