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No Excuses November

November 1, 2011

Welcome to NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER. I spoke with my sister this morning. Well, “spoke” is an understatement. She used me to scoot past her boss to avoid the finger pointing because of a missed deadline on her part so I talked while she replied with a series of “uh-huhs” and “yes’s” to make it seem like she was on an important phone call. (Well, that was a run-on sentence.)

I hope her boss doesn’t read my blog. Being on a phone call with me is always important however. Even if we are talking about how I live within a mile of a TCBY. How it’s the self-serve kind of TCBY.

Anyway, she said it is “NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER” in her Boot Camp. She may have to come up with a good excuse now if her boss reads my blog.

Regardless, I really love the idea of NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER. Why does everyone wait until New Year’s to start anew? It’s November folks. The ‘new’ is NOW. Are you motivated yet?

Let’s come up with a few goals for NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER.

1. Exercise/Run/Walk four times a week. This should be fairly simple as I try to run at least three times a week now but it’s been difficult due to lack of sleep, stress and hectic-ness of my life. NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER! Four or more!

2. Make that butternut squash risotto. I keep saying that I don’t want to make risotto because I will eat too much of it; my stomach will swell; my pants won’t zip, but it is NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER. I’m makin’ the risotto. I will not swallow the Dutch oven whole, and it will be darn good.

3. Finish the Charlotte Thunder Road Half Marathon. Due to lack of training, my confidence in this half marathon is at an utter low. But, I ran 9.5 miles this past weekend. What is 3.6 more? (Yes, I had to use a calculator for that.) Even if I have to walk every now and again. I did it before. I can do it again. NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER.

4. Participate in the 10K Gobble Jog. If I finish the half, I can certainly finish my first ever 10K. Is it weird that I have never actually participated in an official 10K? This will be fun! Sign up for your local Turkey Trot/Gobble Jog/Pilgrim Pedal with me. Gobble, Gobble.

5. Phone a friend. These days, it’s so incredibly easy to text, email or Facebook with friends. Pick up the phone. My parents were major advocates of the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell and my great great grandfather were drinkin’ buddies. It is so utterly pleasant to have an actual conversation with a live person rather than robotized hand conversations via typing. You wouldn’t text your Grandma, would you? Well, unless your 90-year-old grandma has an iPad like mine does.

6. Volunteer two hours. Normally, my volunteer hours surpass this, but I have to be realistic here. We are booked almost every weekend. Two is better than none.

7. Finish two books. I am in the midst of The Orphaned Adult. I know, a seriously depressing sounding read, but in all honesty, I think everyone should read books like these whether they have experienced loss or not. It puts loss into perspective and helps you help others. I will need another book to read upon finishing this one … I’m thinking something light and funny. Got any ideas? Make me laugh.

8. Step outside of the box. Do something different. I am not sure what this will look like yet. It may be me climbing into a cardboard box and stepping out of it. Stay tuned.

9. Write three times a week. Whether it’s a blog post, a short story or a handwritten note to a friend or relative, I encourage everyone to write more. You will find it is especially therapeutic.

10. Make soup for a friend in need. 

11. Fill in the blank. Challenge me to something and I will try it. But, I won’t eat bugs or reptiles. Worms fall into the category of bugs and reptiles.

Happy No Excuses November!

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