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Sous Chefs

Name: Richard
Alias: ‘Puter Hub
Age: 30
Beverage of Choice: I’m a beer man, with a gin-gitude.
Known for: Fixing my in-laws’ computers, watching crime shows, making my wife coffee, taking pictures of her food, performing a Double Dutch jump rope dance on various dance floors across the country and assisting morons with technology.
Favorite Quote: “The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”
Confessions: Once put Evie (girlfriend at the time) into an unmarked cab in a foreign country.
On Evie’s food: She is like the MacGyver of food. She only needs a paper clip, rubber band and a screw driver (of the vodka kind) to make masterpieces.
Favorite dish: All the ones I get to eat … although the one that most impressed me was the cheesy risotto balls with homemade vodka sauce (there’s that vodka, again).

In Memory of …

Name: Dorothy
Alias: D-Money
Age: August 4, 2008-January 9, 2011
Beverage of choice: Water, especially from that large, white caldron that my humans visit on occasion.
Known for: Licking people’s feet, chasing squirrels in my sleep, destroying toys, eating dirty laundry, making my owners suffer when it rains, etc.
Favorite Quote: “I’m a mog, part man, part dog. I’m my own best friend.” – Barf (John Candy) in Spaceballs
Confessions: Once ingested a whole bottle of pills.
On Evie’s food: I especially like it when it’s dropped on the ground.
Favorite dish: Anything they’ll give me (which is typically Purina One Dog Chow, Milk Bones and popcorn). They really like popcorn.


*Photo taken by the [artful] abode

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